You have the opportunity to co-invest, network, conduct due diligence and make friends with peers from across the globe or next door…

Benefits of being part of our community

Truly Global Network

Americas - Canada, USAEurope

- UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, TurkeyMiddle East

- Israel, UAEAsia/Pacific

- Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea

High Profile Connections

Within the Keiretsu Forum network there are a number of well known VCs and private investors who have been early backers in the likes of Twitter, Tesla, Skype, Baidu and Bitcoin as well advisors to the biggest companies in the world locally and abroad..


Join Keiretsu Forum local and global "Special Interest Groups" where you can co-invest with members. We have a number of these across Tech, Real Estate, AI, Clean-tech and Life Sciences. Form Member Syndicates when investing in our carefully selected and pre-screened companies.

Education & Learning

We strive to bring our community up the curve when it comes to early stage investing.Every month we conduct thought leadership sessions at our meetings. We also have a library of videos recorded from our global chapters across a wide variety of themes.

Events & Networking

Our members will have exclusive access to all of our events locally and wherever they want to go!

Australasian Chapter Meetings

Global Chapter Meetings

Investor Capital Expo / Other Events

Commercial Benefits

Raise capital and seek strategic assistance for your affiliated companies from Keiretsu Forum’s global community.

Commission sharing on any capital raised or commercial arrangements for your affiliated companies made through Keiretsu Forum.

Due Diligence

Join our Deal Screening Committee or share Due Diligence responsibilities with seasoned investors from around the world.

We have a very structured and disciplined approach to DD and use swarm intelligence to pre-screen and evaluate companies for investment.

Community Platform

Great networking and invaluable mindshare locally and internationally.

Free access to our Keiretsu Forum app which gives you the ability to connect with our global community of companies, chapters and private investors.

Membership Types

Gold Member

Honan helps founders, directors, and investors identify, prioritise, and manage risk at all stages of the start-up life cycle by providing holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement and claims management to workplace risk.

Virtual Member

Vebiz provides grant consulting services and make it easier for clients to access grant funds. They advise on ways to manage business and financial matters to properly and appropriately leverage grants.

Corporate Member

The Robb Group can help startups through the provision of strategic advice for two-way trade and investment between the Asia Pacific Region and Australia.

Membership FAQs

What is included in my Gold / Corporate Membership?

- Access to world’s largest network of Angel Investors
- Opportunity to screen high quality, diverse investment opportunities at the monthly Deal Screening, Keiretsu Forum meetings and Bi-Annual - - Angel Capital Expos
- Participation in deals that have multi-chapter syndication funding
- Due Diligence resources including training, Due Diligence Handbook and participation with Due Diligence teams
- Collaboration in vetting investment opportunities through mindshare and shared expertise
- Access to the Keiretsu Forum platform for deal tracking and deal informationAbility to participate in Keiretsu Forum Special Interest Groups (Food, - Health, Clean Technology, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Impact, Software, Hardware & Defense/Aerospace)
- Investment opportunity in Keiretsu Capital Co-Investment Fund and/or Real Estate FundIntroduce capital-seeking companies for Keiretsu deal screening
- Personal enrichment through Keiretsu Forum AcademiesBuilding collaborative business relationships with other members through numerous social engagements
- Opportunity to develop relationships with Keiretsu Forum’s partner organizations that play an important role in the investor-entrepreneur ecosystem
- Membership privileges that extend to your immediate family

What is the profile of a member?

Members in Australia are "Accredited Investors" which are either individuals classified as sophisticated, professional or experienced investor under the Corporations Act 2001. Offshore members will need to prove their accredited status for their applicable domestic market.

A Keiretsu Forum member is:

- An active private equity investor
- A trusted, honest, and respected member of our business community
- A contributor of time, wisdom and experience to our portfolio companies
- Someone who enjoys building relationships with other membersMembers in the offshore chapters adhere to the regulations of their host countries.

What are the different types of memberships?

Across the three main categories of Virtual / Gold and Corporate - there are a number of sub-categories applied to various groups. Contact us for further classification.

- Accredited Private Investors - High Net Worth Individuals
- Venture Capital and Strategic Corporate Partners
- Academic Members
- Family OfficesCorporate Investors
- Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

What is the membership structure?

80% accredited private equity (angel) investors and family offices, 10% venture capital firms, corporate investors, sponsors, and 10% resource members.

Does Keiretsu Forum Australasia charge success fees on investments?

Yes we charge a market rate on any capital raised through the network which we share amongst those who have made the investment happen.

How much do I need to invest?

Keiretsu has no annual minimum investment as we recognise that there are many components to an investing decision. The size of investment in any deal is completely up to the members’ discretion. A typical ‘ticket size’ per investment generally start at A$25k.

Will I be the only investor in the deal?

All members invest on their own but collaborate on due diligence and setting terms for the investment. Your investment or your decision to invest is not tied to other members of Keiretsu Forum. Because companies can seek investment across the Keiretsu network you may collaborate with members in other chapters to complete diligence and negotiate a common term sheet.

What happens post-presentation? How can I participate and/or observe a deal?

It is important to indicate your interest level in a particular deal on the Gold Sheets provided at each Forum meeting. Keiretsu chapter managers consolidate all comments and interest levels to share with the entrepreneur. Members who are interested in a particular deal are connected so they can collaborate on due diligence and term sheet negotiations.

How do members collaborate on deals?

Keiretsu members collaborate on deals in two ways:

Due Diligence. A lead Keiretsu member is chosen to champion the due diligence effort along with other members interested in a particular deal. This lead coordinates the other interested members and delegate due diligence responsibilities following the Keiretsu Due Diligence Platform. The lead will ultimately consolidate the information into a final due diligence report. This report is then shared with all interested parties to inform their investment decision.

Term Sheet. Members of the Due Diligence team then negotiate favorable deal terms with the company seeking funds. This term sheet is then shared with all members considering investment.

What is the structure of a typical Keiretsu deal?

All members invest on an individual basis and are not part of a collaborative fund or limited partnership. However, members generally invest into one term sheet. The term sheet is generally negotiated by the group of investors who are leading the due diligence process, along with input from the rest of the participants. Companies in syndication (multi chapter investment) arrive at the region with a full due diligence report and term sheet in hand.

How often are the meetings?

Meetings are held monthly. On the second Wednesday of the month is the Deal Screening, a selection meeting with 5-6 companies presenting and members select the top 3-4 to present at the Forums. The last Thursday of the month is our Face to Face Chapter Meeting held in Sydney or Melbourne and our Virtual Chapter Meeting will be the Thursday after.

What is the selection process for companies that present to the Keiretsu Forum?

1. Complete on-line application
2. Committee pre-screening conducted by K4ANZ staff
3. Selected companies present at Deal Screening (15-min presentation, 5-6 companies)
4. Keiretsu Forum Meeting (20-min presentation, 3-4 companies)
5. Due Diligence (takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks to 3-5 months depending on industry and stage)
6. Multi-Chapter Syndication (companies that receive investment traction from one chapter may present to other chapters for additional funding)

What is the stage of companies presenting?

Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum are typically in their Late Seed to Series A or B rounds. They usually have accomplished a $250K to $1.5M friends and family round before applying to Keiretsu Forum.

What is the industry of companies presenting?

Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities in Emerging Technologies, Life Science/Healthcare/Biotech, Clean Technology, Consumer Goods, Real Estate and any other segment with high growth opportunity.

Will I still have access to deal flow materials if I am unable to attend a Forum meeting?

Yes all Members will be provided with videos and presentation decks for each company that presents as well as the Due Diligence kick-off calls schedule. Non-members need to request individually.

What is Keiretsu Capital and can I invest into the fund as a member?

Yes, members can invest into Keiretsu Capital which is our US co-investment fund which focuses on US investment opportunities. The Keiretsu Capital Co-Investment Funds aim to provide significant capital appreciation primarily through investment in high quality emerging companies that have been funded by the world's largest angel investor network, Keiretsu Forum, as well as other top tier angel groups. For more details visit